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Driving Green

Posted on September 28th, 2015

shutterstock_112027811-640x349Thanks to increasing environmental awareness and efforts the idea of being “green” is becoming more and more popular. Making green choices will make positive long term differences to our planet.

Making small changes to drive green is actually rather easy. Here are some simple tips for driving green:

Driving Steady – By avoiding quick accelerations and limiting aggressive driving you are not only reducing your emissions, you will also save on gas and reduce the wear of your tires, transmissions, engine and brakes. Speeding, accelerating and breaking hard can deplete efficiency by 33%.

Eliminate Weight – Removing unused racks and cleaning out your truck and backseat can go along way. It is estimated that for every extra 100 pounds your car carries, it losses 2% in fuel economy.

Tire Inflation – By keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure your gas mileage can improve by 3% or more.

Car Pooling –  When two or more people ride together the number of cars on the road drops and the amount of emissions released decreases- simple.

Public Transportation – Using public transportation will eliminate your vehicle on the road altogether. The benefits really add up when you are talking trains as 100s of people can ride at once.

If we all try to do our part the results will go along way towards preserving our environment.