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Why is it Important to Make Sure You Are Getting a Quality Repair Job?

Posted on September 18th, 2015

Slide79Safety – Collision repair is not just about the shiny paint job. Although it’s great for your vehicle to look good on the outside, its what’s underneath that really counts. Your vehicles safety features and crash test ratings are based on the vehicle being constructed according to manufacturer guidelines. Something as small as a minor indent in the frame can have a very large effect on the vehicles safety in any future accident.

Re-Sale Value – You want the body work to be flawless on your vehicle. A potential buyer will pay less for exterior bodywork that was done poorly, and a knowledgeable buyer may even be able to tell if the work beneath the exterior panels was done poorly. Once the repairs are complete make sure the colour matches from panel to panel, all gaps are relatively even and the parts line up properly. Take it for a ride and make sure everything is running smoothly and you don’t hear any strange noises. You may even want to bring it for a second opinion just to be safe. A good quality repair will maintain your vehicles value.

Aerodynamic Efficiency –  Your car is built to be as aerodynamic as possible. All the components work together in order for the vehicle to glide through the air. A poor repair job would make the vehicle less fuel efficient and less structurally sound while driving.

The above reasons show the importance of having your vehicle repaired at a collision shop you trust. One that won’t take shortcuts and that has you and your safety as their top priority.