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Car Noises you Should Have Checked Out ASAP

Posted on September 9th, 2015

Any strange noise coming from your vehicle is not a good thing, but some can be worse than others. In some cases you might only require a minor adjustment, while in others it could potentially cost you a lot of money . You should have any noises checked out, but these in particular could require immediate attention:

1. Hissing or sizzling noise – If you hear a hissing or sizzling noise coming from under your hood you could have a leak, either in the cooling system or the vacuum line.

2. Squeaking - If you hear a squeaking noise when you apply the brakes this usually indicates your brake pads need replacing.

3. Clunking – A clunking noise could be a result of a couple different issues: bad ball joints, worn control-arm bushings, faulty stabilizer link pins or a loose exhaust system. If you hear a clunking when you apply the brakes it might be the break calliper, which is a serious problem and should be checked as soon as possible.

4. Growling or Moaning – If you hear a growling or moaning noise when your making turns this could be the power steering pump and should be checked out immediately.

5. Clattering or knocking noise – if your engine makes this noise while your increasing speed it could be a serious problem. This could be a bad rod bearing and it can also indicate that your engine has spun a bearing- which means big bucks.

Listen to your vehicle because the noises it makes are telling you something is not right. Let your mechanic listen to it so they better understand what the problem is and can assess the severity of the situation. Its always better to be safe rather than sorry.