Formula First Collision is now a Profirst Honda Recognized Collision Repair Facility

Posted on October 26th, 2015

ProFirst-Logo-2We are very excited to announce that Formula First Collision is now an officially recognized ProFirst Collision Repair Shop for Honda Motor Com., Inc.

What does this mean for our customers? It means you can have the piece of mind knowing that our shop has adhered to the strict guidelines and requirements outlined by Honda Motor Company. We invest in cutting edge, state of the art equipment, undergo rigorous and ongoing staff training, maintain up-to-date manufacturer direct repair information, and provide the best collision repair our industry has to offer.

Windsor’s Most Accident Prone Intersections

Posted on October 16th, 2015

An article from CBC News Windsor:

Windsor residents driving to Devonshire Mall had better pay attention. Windsor police say the 3100 block of Howard Avenue “consistently” sees more accidents than any other stretch of road or intersection in the city. Windsor Police Sgt. Mike Kelly said the area sees a heavy volume of commuter traffic. “they’re generally in a hurry. That’s always the problem.” Kelly said. “put a few extra minutes into your day.” Kelly said the area rarely sees serious injury accidents and that winter is the busiest time of the year. “Generally speaking the summertime is actually the least. There’s less of a hurried atmosphere going on,” Kelly said.

The second highest number accidents occurs at Lauzon Parkway and Tecumseh Road East, where there are multiple lanes of traffic crossing one another – six lanes in every direction. “It’s about volume. And it’s about people not paying attention,” Kelly said. Denny Nalkranian owns Abraham’s Jewellers at Lauzon and Tecumseh. He said people nearly double the  60 km/hr speed limits in the area and rush to beat amber lights. “It’s all year round. Slow down. Pay attention. Especially with an intersection like this,” Nalkranian said.

Ahmad Hassoun is a cab driver of 12 years. He has his own problem areas. “Wyandotte and Dougall is the most dangerous,” Hassoun said of the spot where he’s been rear-ended. Like Kelly, he said people’s attention is one of the biggest problems. “You have to look far ahead. Don’t play with your radio or equipment,” Hassoun said.


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Rules of the Road You Should Always Follow

Posted on October 7th, 2015

Stock PhotoWhen you first passed your drivers test the rules of the road were fresh in your mind, however, as time goes by we tend to forget those basic rules. Here are a few forgotten rules of the road we should take extra care to remember:

Leave some room – Make sure you leave room between you and the vehicle in front of you. Give yourself enough space so if the vehicle in front of you has to slam on the brakes you have enough time and space to react accordingly. If the roads are slippery, leave even more room, as you never know when your vehicle might slide.

Use your turn signals – Just because you know which way you are turning, doesn’t mean people around you know. It is very important to use your turn signals – it’s your way to communicate your intentions to pedestrians and other motorists. Failure to use your signals may not only result in a ticket, it can also cause an avoidable accident.

Use the passing lane properly – For some reason many people are under the impression that the left lane is only meant for driving over the speed limit. This is not the case. The left lane is supposed to be used for passing others and once you have passed the other vehicle you should merge back into the right lane, leaving the left lane clear for anyone else that would like to pass.

Stop at a red light when turning right – When you come across a red light, even when you are turning right, you still have to come to a complete stop before you make the turn.

Following these road rules can help you avoid getting into a future accident, as well as avoid getting an unnecessary ticket.