What is a Direct Repair Program (DRP) or Insurance Prefered List

Posted on August 31st, 2015

A direct repair program is an agreement between an insurance company and a bodyshop that will usually require the bodyshop to follow certain procedures in exchange for referrals from the insurance company. These contracts will differ depending on the insurance company. Some guidelines are in place for the benefit of the insurance company i.e. lower labour rates, using used parts, etc. Sometimes the agreements are for the benefit of the insured i.e. shorter wait times, equipment requirements, customer service, etc. Most insurance companies will market their DRP partners by offering a lifetime warranty on the repairs. You should note that MOST reputable shops will offer their own lifetime warranty, so you should not use that as your only reason to bring your vehicle to a specific shop. Also a lot of shops actually choose not to be involved in DRP programs because sometimes these agreements are not in their customers best interests. If a shop is not on a preferred list it does not necessarily mean they are not a reputable shop, and in-turn, some shops on the DRP list may not be a quality repair shop. Your best bet is to do your homework – ask around, check out the shop for yourself and ask the right questions.

It is important to note that some insurance companies may try to deter you from choosing a shop that is not on their DRP list. Always remember that you have the right to choose where you want your repairs done. Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets, so choose a shop that has your best interest in mind.

Another Great “Sunday Funday” Event At Formula First Collision

Posted on August 21st, 2015

Our third annual Sunday Funday event was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came out to support The Safety Village. Every year we get more and more people coming out to the event, and every year we have even more fun!!! Some of our activities included: dinky car races, power wheel track, remote control cars,  bouncy castle, exotic car show, Zoo 2 You exotic animals, Hi Jinks soft interactive floor, face painting, car safety information booth, neat classic cars and trucks, yummy food and much more.
A special thank you to all of our volunteers – you made this wonderful day possible!!
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Trying to Sell Your Vehicle? Maximize it’s Value!!

Posted on August 12th, 2015

If you are looking to sell your vehicle there are some actions you can take in order to get the most out of the sale. Of course you do not have to do all these recommendations, but doing some, or most of them will help you see a greater return on the sale.

- Wash and wax the exterior of the vehicle

- Do a thorough interior detail and carpet shampoo

- Shine the wheels

- Restore the headlights

- Repair scratches and dents

- Repair windshield chips

- Touch up stone chips

- Check the tire pressure

- Check dashboard lights

- Check the brakes

- Top off all fluids

- Replace wipers

- Perform necessary mechanical jobs – check with a trusted mechanic to find out what repairs are needed that will increase the value of the vehicle.

How to Know if Your Windshield Wipers Need Replacing

Posted on August 3rd, 2015

rain-x-weatherbeater-wiper-blade-5On average your windshield wipers will need to be replaced every six months to a year. Factors such as parking outside instead of in a garage, wiping your blades down frequently and clearing debris from underneath them when it rains or snows will affect the life of your wiper blades. You will notice the following signs when it is time to replace them:

- They start streaking and leaving blemishes in your field of vision.

- The rubber begins to split, disintegrate or discolour.

- The blades begin to skip across the window instead of going in a smooth, fluid motion.

- You start to hear a squeaking sound when your blades are in motion.

If you notice any of these signs it is most likely time to get new blades. If you do not know how to install them, bring them to a local service technician, it should only take a few minutes.