Why is it Important to Repair a Stone Chip ASAP?

Posted on November 21st, 2014

imagesQC0JZ8XWYour driving down the highway and all of a sudden a large trucks kicks a rock up at your window and causeS the windscreen to chip. This needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Depending on the location and size of the chip it can be a distraction or even impair your vision. Furthermore, the chip can turn into a crack at any time, and if this happens while you are driving it could impair your vision even further.

Damage of up to 40mm across can sometimes be repaired depending on the location on the screen. A repair involves cleaning and drying the damaged area and filling it with a clear resin. The damage will not completely disappear, but it will be much less visible. The surface will be also be smooth so your wipers will not be damaged.


OEM Approved: The Importance of Approved Fixtures

Posted on November 10th, 2014

The following is a message brought to you by BMW – published in Collision Repair Magazine

It’s Impossible to underestimate the importance of manufacturer approved fixture benches when it comes to repairing structural damage of modern, technologically advanced automobilescrm-logo.

“If you perform a structural repair on a BMW or several of the other premium brands using anything but manufacturer approved fixtures, you could potentially be breaking the vehicles,” says Chris Castagna of BMW Group Canada.

BMW and other high-end manufacturers often use a blend of material types throughout the vehicle’s structure. This approach is also making its way into mass-market automobiles. It seems likely that we’ll see more of this technique in the future.

The use of blended materials means a single area of the vehicle may include cast aluminum, ultra-high strength steel, thermoplastics and other materials. These all have unique characteristics, and they all react differently in a collision.

“Say you’ve got a damaged B Pillar. That damage might range across nine different types of material, and they may be joined together in different ways. Just that one component may use laser welds, spot welds, rivets, and adhesives.”

If you put that damage on a non-approved frame machine, you may not be properly securing the pull. All the metals are being pulled in the same direction at the same time, but the way they react is wildly different.

OEM approved fixture systems secure the vehicle properly. Essentially they recreate the original pick-up points used in the factory, returning the car to its original condition.

Non-approved methods may compromise safety to a threatening degree. For example, an improperly repaired frame rail may not react properly under the impact of a subsequent collision, possibly compromising the vehicle’s advanced safety systems. Considering the risks, improper repairs must be avoided at all costs.

The only safe way to repair vehicles is by OEM trained technicians using OEM approved equipment, following OEM approved procedures and the proper remuneration for the facilities that perform them.