Do You Know Your Rights?

Posted on March 29th, 2014

Auto Insurance Consumers’ Bill of Rights – You have rights as an auto insurance consumer

Consumer Rights

Ontario laws require all owners of automobiles to have auto insurance. These laws also give you rights as an auto insured consumer. The following information highlights many of your rights under the Insurance Act, related laws and regulations.

  1. You have the right to purchase auto insurance.
  2. You have the right to be treated fairly by your insurance company.
  3. You have the right to be given written reasons if you have been denied auto insurance.
  4. You have the right to keep your policy in place if you pay your premiums and meet the responsibilities.
  5. You have the right to pay your auto insurance premium in monthly installments.
  6. You have the right to keep your policy in place if you pay your premium within 30 days following one or two non0sufficient fund (NSF) situations.
  7. You have the right to be informed in writing if your policy is not being renewed.
  8. You have the right to change or cancel your insurance policy at any time.
  9. You have the right to remain with your insurance company even if that company no longer sells insurance through your broker.
  10. You have the right to know from which companies your broker received quotes and the amounts.
  11. You have the right to prompt and fair handling of claims.
  12. You have the right to reasonable repair of your damaged vehicle.
  13. You have the right to  choose a repair shop, tow operator, or vehicle rental company.
  14. You have the right to receive information about accident benefits.
  15. You have the right to dispute your insurance companies refusal to pay benefits.
  16. You have the right to choose your health care provider.
  17. You have the right to register a complaint about your insurance company.


Consumers’ Responsibilities   

  1. You must insure your vehicle and retain your proof of insurance (pink slip) while driving.
  2. You must pay your premium in a timely fashion.
  3. You must give true and accurate information to your insurer and complete all forms promptly.
  4. You must promptly let your insurer know about any change in circumstances that could affect your insurance situation, including if you are involved in any accident.
  5. You must provide your insurer with updated information when requested.
  6. If you are claiming accidental benefits, you must send your insurer a completed accident benefits package on time.
  7. If you are claiming accidental benefits, you must attend medical examinations requested by your insurer that are reasonably necessary to evaluate your claim.
  8. If you receive accidental benefits from your insurer, you must participate in treatment and rehabilitation, and try to get back to work.

Coming Soon….Future Tech Garage

Posted on March 21st, 2014

Here at Formula One Collision we are very excited to announce that we will be adding a 6000 square foot addition to our facility -  FUTURE TECH GARAGE.  Future Tech Garage will specialize in high-end European vehicles. Using only original, manufacturer direct parts, and a team of highly trained technicians, your vehicle will be repaired with the care and precision it deserves.




Stay tuned…..more details to come

Safety Features to Look for When Shopping for a New Vehicle

Posted on March 13th, 2014

Whether you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, it is very important to make sure it is safe!

Test Drive

Take the car for a test drive. Make sure the seat belt is comfortable for you. Make sure the head restraint is adjustable so it lines up behind your head to prevent whip lash. Make sure you have good visibility around your car (blind spots, mirrors, etc.) Try to test drive the car at night to make sure the headlights are adequate.

Seat Belts

Make sure the seats belts in the vehicle have the following features.:

  • Pretensioners – used to retract the belt to take up slack during a frontal impact.
  • Force limiters- used to manage the force of the shoulder belts on the occupants chest.
  • Adjustable upper anchors- help position the belt across the chest to prevent neck injuries.
  • LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) – make it safe and easy for child seat installation.


Air Bags

Look for an adaptive front airbag system that can detect the presence, weight and seat position of the driver and front passenger. Also, some vehicles will have side airbag systems which help to protect the head and torso in an accident.

Antilock Brake System (ABS)

ABS will prevent a vehicles wheels from locking during “panic” breaking so the driver can maintain greater steering control.

Traction Control

Traction control will help to limit wheel spin during acceleration so the drive wheels have maximum traction. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) takes traction control a step further. This type of control helps to keep the vehicle on its intended track during a turn to avoid skidding. If the car drifts outside the intended path the system will momentarily brake one or more wheel and reduce the engine power to pull the car back on track.

All Wheel Drive

This feature distributes the power to front and rear wheels for maximum traction and control.

Weight of Vehicle

Heavier vehicles offer more protection than light vehicles.

Top Ten – A Great Article By Sam Piercey

Posted on March 5th, 2014

As seen in Collision Repair Magazine

The silly, the absurd and the just plain dishonest.

I’ve got some things to say about adjusters, in particular about the things they tell their clients, who are also our clients.  Or at least they would be, if the adjuster hadn’t convinced them bad things would happen if we touched their cars.

Before we get into this I will say all the usual stuff I’m required to say to let the good adjusters know that I am not talking about them, just some of there colleagues who aren’t as good.

Not all adjusters are bad, but they are in a position to say some things that can have negative effects on our business. Is it a big surprise that some of them take that opportunity? I’m sure most of them don’t ”steer” the customers this way, but you and I both know that it happens more than it should, which is never. You know the old saying about apples? Well maybe a bad apple doesn’t actually spoil the whole barrel, but it’s still a bad apple, and it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

If insurance adjusters are professionals, then they need to act and communicate like professionals. I’ve got my own personal Top Ten list that I’ve collected over the years of the most famous sayings of insurance adjusters. All of these are things that I’ve had passed on to me by customers. In some cases, I’ve tacked on a comment of my own outside the quotes.

These aren’t in order of how often I’ve heard them, but they are in order of just how badly each one makes my blood boil. It was hard to pick, but here you go:

10. “If you bring it there you will have to pay the repair shop’s bill, and then wait until we pay you, and this takes time.”

9. “We won’t guarantee the repair if you go there.” So what? We’re the ones doing the work, we guarantee it, and it’s out butts in the sling if we do bad work.”

8. “They are not on our list as a repair facility.”

7. “I never heard of that shop.” And we’ve never heard of you. Here’s the difference though: we’re telling the truth.

6. “If you choose that shop, then it takes longer to ‘approve the claim’.” Care to go on the record with that one? I’m sure your professional organization would like to hear it.

5. “I am not sure how good that shop is because they are not ‘recommended’ by us.” Look at the equipment investment and look at the training we have taken.

4. “You can get an estimate at that shop but we won’t necessarily pay them what they want.”

3. “We would prefer you go to one of our shops to get an estimate first as the estimate will  keep the shop honest.”

2. “We get a lot of complaints about that shop.” Yes, from other adjusters.

1. Last but not least, “You will have to wait for our appraiser to see the car at your house or your work. If you take it to the shop you are using, since they are not a ‘preferred vendor’ it could take 10 days before we authorize repairs.”

To those bad apples: knock it off. You’re not helping your company or your customers, and sooner or later it is going to bite you.